All modern military systems have a digital interface. Therefore, implementing a great UX within those interfaces will provide the operators with a safe and smooth use of the system.

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About Us

We do HMI, UX/UI and development for serious stuff

With over 17 years of accumulated knowledge and experience, Kubiya provides the leading companies in the Israeli industry with UX/UI & Development solutions. We believe that digital interfaces must provide the users with an enjoyable, safe and effective experience.

Our experts have created, redesigned and developed hundreds of complex systems while including all necessary stages to ensure nothing less than the best result.

Our Team

Our strength lies within our people

We believe that people always come first. Be it the users we design for, or our incredible team. Our strength and most valuable asset is our people.

We believe diversity is key. Each member in our team comes from a different background and brings a different angle to the table, our collaboration brings together great ideas and solutions for our clients.

Our team is curated by UX/UI specialists, Front End and VR developers. All working closely together with our clients, in order to plan and design nothing less than incredible systems.

Our clients

Israel Aerospace Industry
International Defense Electronics Company